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Our History

Ours is a grassroots story. In 1999, a group of young volunteers traveled to Africa to support some remote rural community projects . What they witnessed moved them to their core: remote rural communities without access to basic healthcare, and people needlessly dying without hope. Being moved by such situations, these youngsters established a grassroot nonprofit organization called World Partners for Development to help hard-to-reach remote communities to receive long lasting tools to overcome poverty. 

Today, World Partners and its partnership team operate in many remote communities in Africa and other parts of the world. Our important work continues and will never stop —each day, we are renewed with that same vision that our founders held—that a committed and dedicated group of individuals can save lives and change the course of intergenerational poverty, one day at a time.


We hope that you will become a part of that future and help us in this humble mission to impact the future for those who deserve a second chance in remote world's underserved communities especially, in Africa.

Some memories of our initial community entry

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