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What Previous Volunteers are Saying:

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I had such an unbelievable experience in Ghana and would highly recommend partnering with World Partners for Development. I guess I can start with the accommodations. I stayed with the most welcoming and loving family while I was in Ghana. Mrs. Cynthia was very easy to talk to and would cater to any needs I had. Her home is also filled with a beautiful family- two of the sweetest and fun little girls, their awesome older brother and such an amazing aunt. I felt extremely safe and also felt like they prepared me very well when going out into the community. The leader of the organization called every week, making sure that all of the volunteers were doing good and if we had any issues. I came in with a few things I knew I wanted to research/experience and Phil made it all happen. All in all, I had such an amazing two months. I would highly recommend.



My time in Ghana was great thanks to World Partners for Development! Cynthia is an absolutely outstanding host and her hours easily felt like home to me. Phil was very attentive to our needs before and during our internship and helped us complete our goals while we were there. Working with WPD let me have the true experience of a native Ghanaian!.



*PSA to my pre-med friends: you can actually touch a microscope here and perform some real procedures on patients to put on your resume.*



"I had fallen in love with Ghana once I made friends with some locals who I felt really understood me. I became enchanted by the African attitude that anyone can be whoever they wish to be."


Itaz & Armon

The experience was beyond my wildest imagination! As soon as I arrived, I was immersed in the Ghanian culture which made me more apt in helping and communicating with the community at large. WPD did a fantastic job of ensuring that all Volunteers knew and understood the guidelines and expectations of each volunteer and provided them with great support in character, determination, and logistical senses. I was a sanitation volunteer with my friend and fellow volunteer Itaz. When we worked with the students about the implications of environmentalism, sanitation, and waste management at the local Pokuase School Junction or assisted in the construction of the Microflish toilet, faith in making a difference never failed. WPD provided the best support anyone could ask for!



I am so glad I went to Ghana. It was an unparalleled experience in my life. The people there are so warm and inviting!

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It was a pleasure working with World Partners For Development. They provided great food and housing accommodations, and there was never any trouble with communication. They ensured that I was put in great working environments, and even made accommodations for sightseeing and touring around Ghana. Everyone with World Partners was extremely helpful and I enjoyed working with them during my three month stay in Accra



"I also love how friendly the people are. Ghanaians love to converse and to explore every beach, national park and historic landmark the country holds. I feel at place here and I ‘fit in’ with everyone.




"I would like to thank my host family for their generosity, kindness, and allowing me to enter their home as an outsider and tourist, but leave with the heart of a Ghanaian".

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