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Village Enterprise

Women living in underserved remote villages disproportionately

represented among women in poverty

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Many rural women are being pushed into poverty because of lack of skills and opportunities. By empowering underserved women to overcome the effects of poverty, they can and will live full and productive lives—and so will their children, families, and communities.


World Partners for Development's approach, supports women’s social and economic empowerment by providing access to resources and opportunities through  skills training, business support, financial literacy, small-scale agriculture, environmental management, markets, and leadership skills so that they can meet their basic needs and generate income and  assets.

We empower new generation of rural youth through high impact skills training, workshops, business development services, mentorship, and other opportunities to become successful entrepreneurs. Many unemployed rural youth have been lifted out of poverty by becoming successful local contractors through our Microflush Digester Latrine hands-on training. The innovative latrine uses only about a cup of water to flush to a digester system.

(Sponsor a needy youth >>>) 

Building the Capacity of Rural Youth in Microflush Digester Latrine Construction

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