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2 billion people – almost one-fourth of the world’s population – live without access to even the most basic medicines that other privileged people take for granted. Even an aspirin for a fever is simply beyond their reach.


Each day, thousands of people, especially innocent little children living in remote impoverished communities die from diseases that would be easily treated for a few cents’ worth of medicine. For these underserved populations, even something as simple as diarrhea can be very fatal. Disease results in misery, pain, and poverty for millions of such people.  We intervene with our partners and volunteers by providing donated medical supplies, culturally community health education, mobile phone health education, training, and nutrition practices.


Imagine delivering an innocent baby by carbon dioxide emission kerosene lamp in remote rural communities without electricity. We work with partners to bring reliable lighting and small medical devices to remote community health centers through our locally assembled solar electric system called, 'SOLARHEALTH'. This promotes safe motherhood and reduces maternal mortality, while protecting the environment.

(Donate Medical Supplies to support our program >>>). 

Our SOLARHEALTH Electric System - Assembled in Local Communities


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